Show Off Your Muscle Gains With Morning Fitness

When you pick up a fitness magazine and look at the models on the cover, do you wonder what separates them from the ordinary guys at the gym? You can work out for two hours a day and not get the muscle gains and cheese grater abs of athletes, since your training comes at the wrong time, even if it has the right routine. Instead of changing your workout, change the alarm clock.

Early Morning Fitness

When you wake up in the morning, your body likely has not ingested any food for six to ten hours. If you were to go that long without sleeping, you would notice it: your stomach would rumble like a diesel engine. Since your blood sugar slows during sleep, however, it is not immediately apparent that you are hungry. By working out when you wake up, your body needs to jump-start its metabolism. Since it has no food in the stomach to work with, it tackles the next-best source of energy: the fat reserves in your belly and thighs. This is why working out in the morning is the best way to burn body fat. If you are unable to motivate yourself to do jumping jacks at 6:00 AM, join a group training fitness class at a gym, since the presence of other people doing yoga or spinning will unconsciously keep you going stronger.

Push Yourself Harder

The best way to burn body fat is to increase your heart rate to 60% of its maximum pace. At this pace, however, muscle break down can occur when your body needs energy and breaks down the protein in muscle groups. The easiest way to counter-act this is by taking branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs), available at health and nutrition stores. A BCAA supplement will absorb into your bloodstream within fifteen minutes, so take these supplements immediately before starting a high-intensity workout, and where possible continue to consume them during your work out.

When Anabolic Hour Hits

Make sure when you finish your work out to fill on a protein shake and other whole foods, as your body will be in a state of needing nutrients, to recover quickly. The first hour after exercise is the most crucial for quality foods.